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Say No to Leather 

Say No to Leather

  • It is open violence.

  • Animals are killed and tortured for leather.

  • Say No to leather products use canvas shoes, non leather hand bags.

  • Leather trade is the cruelest trade.

  • Animals are dragged inside the slaughter houses.

  • Hot chilies, peppers, tobacco rubbed into their eyes.

  • Their throats are slit; their legs are hacked off, they are skinned while still alive.

  • Tail bones are twisted and broken

Never Buy Leather

  • Buy Non leather styles – cotton, linen, rexine, canvas, synthetics.

  • Persuade schools to discontinue the use of leather footwear and belts.

  • Use canvas shoes and cloth belts.

  • School Managements are awarded prizes for discounting leather.


  • Canvas shoes cost about one-fifth that of leather.

  • Washable, odour-free, light to wear

  • Can be used in sports, exercise, walking, trekking.

  • Canvas is not a product of pain and torment.

  • Use leather substitutes for hand bags, wallets and purses like ultra leather and birsa.

  • Paint brushes made of synthetic fibre.

  • Don’t use brushes made of animal hair. 

What did our Stone Age Ancestors Wear? Animal hide

What do we wear? Genuine Leather.

Is there any difference?

Our Stone Age Ancestors had no other alternative. What’s our excuse?

Do we have to kill to clothe ourselves today?


Courtesy: BWC

Leather Alternatives

  • Cork leather

  • Pinatex (made from pineapple leaves)

  • MuSkin (made from mushrooms)

  • Apple leather

  • Desserto (made from cactus plants)

  • Kombucha leather

  • Mycelium leather

  • Recycled rubber leather

  • Synthetic leather (made from plastic or polyurethane materials)

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