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Humane Education Training

Humane Education Training

Teachers can not only impart knowledge of different subjects, often they are role models who inspire their students to perform and achieve. Children also tend to spend a large part of their waking hours with them, which makes teachers a big influence in their lives.

Karuna International sponsors Humane Education Training Programmes’ for Teachers and Students on behalf of the Animal Welfare Board of India to spread the message of compassion in action towards all living beings. It is a one-day programme with 40 to 50 teachers drawn from primary, secondary and higher secondary levels from different Karuna Club schools located near the organising school based on the themes of:

  • Value education
  • Compassion and kindness to animals
  • Prevention of cruelty to animals
  • Living in harmony with nature
  • Maintaining ecological balance
  • Vegetarianism

PowerPoint presentations, charts, exhibits, and films are used to make the training programme more interesting, fruitful and effective. Each programme contains 6 modules of 45 minutes duration each and includes lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, quiz, question and answer sessions, brain-storming sessions, field trips, project/assignments, exhibitions and video shows etc., 

Karuna International helps the training programme by identifying resource persons, providing instructional materials such as CDs and books, planning and executing the whole programme and also sponsoring all expenses up to ₹.5,000/- per programme. 

At the end of the programme, the trainee teachers are given a certificate.

For every inter-school students training programme on humane education, students of 8 schools should be invited for the full-day program. Karuna International will bear expenses up to ₹.3000.

Karuna International also sponsors inter-school competitions on humane education where a minimum of 8 schools should participate.

Humane Education Training

Moral Values

  • Value education
  • Motivating moral values in children
  • Compassion stories from Epics and Puranas
  • Animal welfare theme in school curriculum
  • Violence-free science (virtual dissection)

Kindness and Compassion

  • Kindness and compassion to animals
  • How to prevent cruelty to animals
  • How to inculcate compassion in students
  • Beauty without cruelty
  • Compassionate living
  • Inter-faith dialogue on "KARUNA"

Animal Welfare

  • Role of animals in environment
  • Conservation of wildlife, animals in zoos
  • Common cruelties perpetrated to animals (both large & small)
  • Disadvantage of leather and advantages of non-leather products
  • Avoidance of animal products
  • Visit to goshalas, pinjarapoles, animal sanctuaries and animal shelters

Environmental Friendliness

  • Global warning – threats and solutions
  • Air and water pollution
  • Environmental awareness and protection
  • Maintaining ecological balance with eco-friendliness
  • Environmental problems by tanneries and leather industries

Compassionate Eating

  • Nutritional diet and veganism / vegetarianism
  • Scientific facts about veganism / vegetarianism
  • Negative effects of meat consumption
  • Medical breakthroughs with vegan / vegetarian diet
  • Vegan / vegetarian way of life

Harmonious Living

  • Living in harmony with nature
  • World peace through non-violence
  • Say no to plastic

Karuna International

Karuna International is a registered, non-profit service organization, sowing seeds of compassion, kindness, animal welfare, humane values, and ecology, among students, through Karuna Clubs in schools, since 1995.

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