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Nurturing Compassion: Recognizing the Impact of Karuna Clubs

Karuna International wholeheartedly recognizes the dedication and passion of its Karuna Clubs in fostering compassion and kindness among students. These clubs have become beacons of hope, inspiring young minds to embrace empathy and understanding, fostering a more harmonious and caring world.

As a testament to the dedication and passion of these exceptional clubs, we invite you to submit your annual activity reports for consideration of Awards and Certification. These Awards serve as a token of appreciation for the profound impact Karuna Clubs have made in shaping the lives of countless students.

Celebrating the Power of Compassion

Through the Karuna Club Awards and Certification, we seek to recognize the transformative power of compassion in education. These awards honour the unwavering commitment of Karuna Club teachers and the school management in helping sow the seeds of compassion amongst the students.

A Platform for Inspiration and Growth

The Karuna Club Awards and Certification not only celebrates the achievements of exceptional Karuna Clubs but also serves as a platform for inspiration and growth. By reviewing and evaluating the submitted activity reports, Karuna International aims to identify best practices, share innovative ideas, and encourage continuous improvement among Karuna Clubs.

Together, Nurturing a Compassionate Future

Karuna International firmly believes that compassion is the cornerstone of a thriving and harmonious society. By nurturing compassion among students, Karuna Clubs play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for all. The Karuna Club Awards and Certification is a testament to Karuna International's unwavering commitment to empowering Karuna Clubs in their mission to cultivate compassion and kindness among the next generation.


Activities from Nov. of preceding year to Oct. of year of Award ONLY
For e.g.: for awards in 2023, from Nov 01, 2022 to Oct 31, 2023
Please add details of the events/activities, including date, topic, number of participants.

A. In School:

  1. General events - such as essay writing, debate, speech, poem, slogan etc.,

  2. Exhibitions

  3. Quiz and other

  4. Cultural programmes

  5. Craft work: art, collage, clay-model, products from waste etc.

  6. Number of students on roll in Karuna Club

  7. Student Engagement: New members / school wide student engagement

  8. Service project: visits to orphanages, old age homes, veterinary hospitals etc.

  9. Environmental project : rainwater harvesting, tree planting, energy audit, organic fertilizers etc.

  10. Annual Karuna Day celebration

B. Inter-school Programmes:

  1. Organized / participated in Inter School Events around Karuna values

  2. Initiated new clubs in associated schools / referrals

  3. Run for Karuna marathon

C. Awareness Programmes (e.g. in neighbourhood, zone, district etc.) & Campaigns

  • Rally, procession, (full details including number of participating students/teachers, distance covered

    and time)

  • Social media posts, (please add link)

  • Coverage in newspapers and publications (append photocopy with date, city, newspaper name)

  • Any other initiative around compassion among children

D. Program in coordination with National Headquarters

  • Participated in competition based on Stories of Compassion

  • Organized or participated in Teacher Training Programmes

  • Organized or participated in Student Training Programmes

  • Shared new information on adopting a compassionate lifestyle

  • Add mentions in Karuna Newsletter (indicate volume no., issue no., month and page no.)

E. Timely & Regular Submission of the activity reports throughout the year. Weightage will be given for Completeness of the reports.

All the above awards and prizes will be finalized after receiving the complete report of activities conducted by Schools from November of preceding year to October of year of award

e.g.: For Awards in 2023, activities from Nov 01, 2022 to Oct 31 2023

Please submit your report duly signed by Principal & Karuna Club-in-charge Teacher along with following details:

1. Name of the school with address and phone

2. Social media handle or website

3. Karuna Club number with Teacher-in-charge contact details

Karuna International

Karuna International is a registered, non-profit service organization, sowing seeds of compassion, kindness, animal welfare, humane values, and ecology, among students, through Karuna Clubs in schools, since 1995.

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